Virtual Grand Master

[Update 2019: The software here is now seriously old, in computing terms, dating from 2006. It may well not run on current operating systems, and the source code will most likely need some updating to run on the current Xojo (the new name for REALbasic) runtime engine. Contact me if you have a burning need to have this running for some reason – otherwise I am unlikely to update it anytime soon – Nick.]

The Grand Master was an early electric stage lighting control system, using resistance dimmers and mechanical operation via levers, wheels, shafts and gears.

As a part of my research, I have created a ‘virtual’ (software) Grand Master, that you can download to see how the original control system worked:

  • The Read Me file.
  • The software (for Macintosh OS X, universal binary for PowerPC or Intel).
  • The software (for Windows 2000 or more recent). Note that this is completely untested, and may well not work correctly. If you are interested in a tested Windows version of Virtual GM, please contact me.
  • The source code to build the software using REALbasic.