UNESCO Year of Light at Routledge – free access to articles

To celebrate 2015 as the UNESCO International Year of Light, the publishers Routledge have made a range of articles freely available online. These range across the fields of physics, technology, philosophy, culture and the arts, and include a couple of my own papers, as well as one by my esteemed colleague Dr. Rachel Hann. For the list of what has been made available, and download links, go to:


…and enjoy the year of light!

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Service restored

The site is now back up and running after moving to new hardware.

For those of you interested in the technical details: the hard-drive in the 10-year old Apple Powerbook G4 that has been serving the site for the last few years finally became unreliable, causing kernel panics and crashing the machine every so often.

The site is now up again on an 8-year old iMac, fitted with a spangly new SSD drive – an amazing way to perk up an old machine which I can recommend to anyone with an old Mac sitting around needing a refresh to make it useful again.

Got to love the way these old Macs just keep going with a little TLC…

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The story of a failed lighting control system published

The Story of Plotlite – A Significant Lighting Control Failure

In the early 1970s, a unique lighting control system was installed in the Mermaid Theatre, London: Plotlite. At the time, Plotlite was the only system on the market to offer full memory control with fader-per-channel preset manual control, features the Mermaid wanted to meet the needs of its intensive and diverse programme of productions and events.

Read on…

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‘The Operator Connects’ online mixed media essay published

I have just published ‘The Operator Connects’, an online mixed media ‘essay’ that describes my research investigation into the role of the theatre lighting operator.

In theatres the lighting operator is conventionally located in a control room at the rear of the auditorium, out of view and disconnected from the stage action. There is little expectation in conventional theatre practice that the operator will be creatively involved in the moment of performance.

In my research I proposed the role might be changed to engage the operator with the creative realisation of the performance. My investigation took place through a research-performance Passages. ‘The Operator Connects’ comprises a collection of inter-related mini-essays in video, diagram, image and text forms, offering the reader diverse ways to explore and interrogate the research process and outcomes.

Go to www.passages-project.org.uk and follow the link.

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Light Console manual now available for download

I have added a scanned copy of an original Light Console manual, from (I presume) the typewriter of Fred Bentham himself. Download it from the Light Console page.

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New magmouse website up and running

I have rebuilt the magmouse website using WordPress. The content is much the same as the previous one, but adding and changing content will be much easier. You can also leave comments…

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