Light Console

Stoll Theatre, Kingsway, London


LocationStoll Theatre, Kingsway, London
Number of Dimmers176

Described by Francis Reid as

“an early model with pistons which could only be programmed via sets of primitive micro switches on a adjacent timber cabinet. It was possible to do the simple cues for the band changeovers by manually moving the dimmers on the motorised dimmerbank under the stage.”

(Reid, Francis. Hearing the Light: 50 Years Backstage, Royston: Entertainment Technology Press, 2003, p.256.)


Located front of house, according to Nigel Morgan (Stage Lighting Design in Britain, p.81, footnote 164).

When the Stoll Theatre was demolished in 1957, the Light Console moved (with its operator Ken Thompson) to Robert Nesbitt’s The Talk of the Town cabaret theatre which opened in 1958 in the old London Hippodrome (Fred Bentham. Sixty Years of Light Work, p.155.)