I have been interested in and practiced photography for as long as I can remember. My work is varied, but is centred on landscape, environments, objects and scenes, motivated by my interest in how light and the act of making a photograph can transform the visual world and how we see it. Because of this interest in transformation, my work frequently tends towards abstraction, and is often monochromatic or fully black-and-white. Textures, shapes, qualities of light and a sense of things not seeming quite themselves are important to me, as are subtly heightened or shifted atmospheres. I am also curious about how composition - the arrangements, structures and geometries within an image - shape our experience of the image, and indeed shape the act of seeing.

You can see my ongoing work on my Flickr page.

Some of my academic research involves photography. I have an ongoing meta-project investigating the relationship between photography and scenography; see the photoscenography page on this site for more information. I have also created a miniature art gallery for one person, to display photographic images; see What's the Small Idea?

tangle of derelict chain-link fencing with metal post, in black and white

Rising. 2019.