Model Railways

I have been a railway enthusiast and modeller since an early age. My specific interests have varied over the years, and there have been extended fallow periods. In my teens and twenties I modelled the railway scene of my youth in the 1970s, initially in 00, then briefly in EM before moving to S4.

Today, my two main interests are 16mm scale narrow gauge in the garden, and 7mm (O-gauge) indoors.



7mm scale, O-gauge  indoors

I am in the early stages of planning a 7mm scale layout. The concept is a fictional Dorset coast harbour fed by a GWR branch, and set in 1908. The idea is unlikely to be realised in the short term, due to lack of space, but I am developing the idea and gathering research, as well as building some stock - see below.

You can follow the progress of the Netherport project on my blog, hosted on the RMweb forum.

The Nonsuch Light Railway

16mm scale narrow gauge in the garden

In the 2000s I built a simple outdoor line in 16mm scale, 32mm gauge, with a circuit of track around the garden, a couple of sidings, and a spur to a steam-up area. The line has fallen into disuse, and the sections built on decking timber have rotted away. The NLR now has the atmosphere of the Talyllyn or the Ffestiniog in the period between closure and preservation - one day, it will be rebuilt!


Lost Worlds 1 - Basuto Road

S4 micro layout

Basuto Road was an S4 micro-layout, built while I was living in short term accommodation. With just two turnouts and a simple fiddleyard, it represented a West London location. In this fictional concept, a couple of sidings and diesel fuelling depot is all that remains of a closed two-track suburban route.

Basuto Road was never quite finished, but you can see some photographs of it here, taken before it was disposed of:


Lost Worlds 2 - 1970s British Rail rolling stock

Wagons, coaches, non-passenger coching stock and locos

My main interest has always been rolling stock, especially wagons. While modelling in EM and S4, I built up a fairly large collection of stock, seen here. All has since been sold on, and hopefully some of it is still providing pleasure to new owners.