Research Publications

You can find a list of my research publications on my page, including articles, book chapters, conference papers and projects.

Academic publications are often only accessible to other academics who have access through their institutions. To make my work accessible to a wider audience, I have started adding manuscripts to this site, where this is allowed by the publishers - see below.

Some of this material is also publically available in the Rose Bruford College research repository, where you can also explore the work of my colleagues.

To explore all the research-related content on this site, try these links:


"Drama Studio 2.0: A template for the performance learning space of the future". A paper presented at the Academy of Live Technology annual symposium, UK, 15-16 April 2024. Read a summary and the full paper.

"A sense of direction: the directionality of light and the creation of meaning and feeling on stage". Published in Theatre and Performance Design, volume 9, 2023 - Issue 3-4: "On Light". Read a summary and the full article.