Theolux is a lighting control interface I designed as part of my PhD research, to implement some of the concepts I developed as part of the research process:

  • it places an emphasis on giving the operator a range of controls that recognise that operating a show is a physical, embodied act, and the control interface can - if designed in the right way - work as an expressive instrument, transmitting 'feeling' to the operation of the lighting in a way analogous to a musical instrument.
  • unlike current commercial lighting consoles, Theolux focuses on the performance of the lighting, rather than its programming in advance of the performance event. Some programming is required, but this is considered a subsidiary, preparatory activity.

Both the concepts and the practical realisation of Theolux are described in detail in the documentation I provided as part of my PhD submission. You can also read about the experience of using Theolux in my mixed-media online essay, The Operator Connects, which includes videos of it in performance.

photo of the Theolux lighting console